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Dubai is famous for its soaring skyline – and that’s not the only feat of engineering to capture the world’s imagination. Built from reclaimed land in a series of artificial archipelagos, Palm Jumeirah is shaped like a palm tree when viewed from above.

Palm Jumeirah is a worldwide symbol of Dubai’s energy, growth, and ambition. The truly iconic development stretches out into the Arabian Gulf in the shape of a date palm – the national plant of the United Arab Emirates.

The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai

Atlantis Hotel - The Palm Jumeirah

Situated between the calm blue waters of the Arabian Gulf and the impressive Dubai skyline, Atlantis, The Palm, is the crown of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah island in Dubai.

Dubai Marina and The Palm Jumeirah

The amazing artificial Marina makes you think about how fast this city has grown. It is such an amazing place to spend the day either walking down the promenade or eat some nice meals in one of the dozen restaurants.

Dubai is my playground